Video: U.S. deportees in Tijuana create new ‘underground’ community as they wait and wait…



LatinaLista — Ever since the HBO news magazine series VICE launched, it has brought major issues into America’s living rooms with documentary-style episodes highlighting why the issues are such problems.

One of their episodes dealt with the U.S. deportation issue. The Obama administration is setting records for deporting more immigrants than any other administration in history.

Tijuana has become a ‘dumping ground’ for deported immigrants from the United States with 40 percent of deported Mexican immigrants sent back through Tijuana. In the featured VICE episode, the filmmakers discover what those people not wanted by the United States nor the city of Tijuana must do to survive and live from day to day while plotting their next steps — either to return covertly to the United States, go back to their (in some cases) estranged families or resign themselves to a perennial existence of operating in an ‘underground’ community.