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Spain’s abused children targeted with high-tech ads only they can see

LatinaLista — Helping abused children in Spain just got a lot more personal and high-tech thanks to a new ad campaign that utilizes innovative technology to send a message that only children can see.

The ANAR Foundation (Ayuda A Ninos Y Adolescentes En Riesgo, or Help For Children And Adolescents At Risk) erected a series of electronic billboards in Spain that shows the image of a young boy. The message on the billboard says, “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.”

The accompanying image of a young boy looks perfectly normal to the adult. Yet, children looking at the same billboard see a different image — a beaten, bruised and bloodied little boy with a message to call for help if they are suffering abuse.

The billboard uses a lenticular lens that changes message depending on the height of the viewer. In this case, children 10 and under are targeted with the message to call for help, while it remains invisible to standing adults.

The hope is that those children who are abused, and probably in the company of their abusers when passing by the billboard, will get the message and call for help — and their abusers will never know.

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