Video: Get to know Juan Manuel Merello — self-taught Spanish contemporary artist


LatinaLista — Jose Manuel Merello is a self-taught contemporary artist based in Madrid. He has an eye for order in a scene that appears chaotic.

“Spanish painting has, throughout the centuries, maintained a serene and melancholic regard: tragic but never violent. There is no such thing as violent Spanish painting. Even the most ferocious Goya or the most horrifying Picasso never lose the composure and class inherent in the brushwork.” © José Manuel Merello

Inspired by works in the Prado Museum of Madrid, Merello features many women in his paintings. Some critics have commented that the way Merello sketches the women betray a “sort of insecurity or struggle.”

Maybe. But what it does reveal is eye-catching work whose use of color, as well as, subject make them subjects of conversation inside and outside art galleries the world over.

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