Video: Latino author chronicles lessons learned by courageous Latino entrepreneurs



LatinaLista — There’s no more appropriate time to highlight Latino role models than during Hispanic Heritage Month. Chances are though Hispanic Heritage Month wasn’t on the mind of author Bill Miranda when he published his book Profiles in Latino Courage in early 2013.

Miranda, who is president of the Bill Miranda Leadership Center and CEO of the Santa Clarita Valley Latino Chamber of Commerce, thought it was time that more Latinos learn from the example of one another.

With the tagline: “How Everyday Latinos Achieve Success,” Miranda introduces his audience to seven different Latinos and Latinas who persisted in their vision to achieve their passions by scaling and overcoming challenges. In the process, according to Miranda, these individuals deserve to be recognized as a source of inspiration for other Latinos to follow their passions as well.

Miranda presents Profiles in Latino Courage as part self-help book and part inspirational non-fiction. After profiling the different individuals, Miranda leaves the last chapter for readers to write their own story.

In the featured interview with “Out of the Rough” interviewer Fred Arnold, Miranda introduces one of his profile subjects, Ingrid Blanco. Blanco shares her unique story, underscoring why she’s considered a “profile in Latino courage.”