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Video: Documentary challenges world to wake up to the future climate change will bring


LatinaLista — What does the future hold for the planet? After living through the much publicized December 12, 2012 doomsday date with no earth-shattering repercussions, people have become jaded when talk of any future apocalypse is mentioned. While we may believe it will happen, too many of us just don’t believe it will happen in our lifetime.

According to scientists, that assumption is a big mistake.

In 2009, the network channel ABC broadcast the documentary The Earth 2100. It’s been rebroadcast on cable channels in the years since and it’s just as relevant and foreboding as when it was originally broadcast.

The documentary lays out a worst case scenario for civilization following a storyline narrative told by ‘Lucy,’ a woman who was born in 2009 and became a firsthand witness to the destruction of the planet’s environment, along with much of mankind.

Mixing both current environmental events with scientific projections, the documentary is a sobering film that lays out a new doomsday date — 2015. It’s the year that scientists feel is the point of no return from rescuing the planet from its predicted trajectory towards environmental chaos, unless countries seriously address the climate change issue by implementing real measures to take care of the environment.

The film may not be a happy one to watch but it’s necessary — to understand just what could happen if we carry on with life as usual and not think about tomorrow.

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