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Video: Life’s purpose revealed by answering five simple questions

LatinaLista — It used to be considered “New Age” to think too deeply about what our life’s purpose is on this planet. Yet, as society has picked up speed and people find themselves rushing to work, rushing to fulfill daily commitments, rushing to keep up with social media or rushing to take care of their families, there eventually comes a time when most people stop in their tracks and wonder if this is what life is supposed to be about?

It’s a question that not only haunts middle-aged people but also today’s graduates. Usually, it happens when the idealistic student faces the reality of paying for those school loans by joining the proverbial ‘rat race.’ It’s not too long until these new members of the workforce begin to doubt their choice of career or direction of their lives — and they confront the same question — What’s my life’s purpose?

Adam Leipzig, a successful filmmaker, says he knows exactly how every person can discover their life’s purpose. In a recent TEDx talk in Malibu, California, Leipzig shared with the audience five questions that can help people realize their fullest potential, but most importantly, the kind of life that would make them happy.

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