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Video: World-renown Latino stone artist follows simple philosophy: “Create to Create”

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LatinaLista — When Eliseo Garcia was a small boy, he would spend his days tracing cartoons or make daily trips to a local woodshop to get scraps of wood to create his own toy tanks and cars. He never thought of it as art but just as something that came naturally to him.

Nowadays, there’s no confusion about what Eliseo, as he’s professionally known, is doing. Based in Dallas, Texas, Eliseo has become world-renown for his stone and metal work as a sculptor. His most popular works are that of the mother and child renditions in stone. Yet, Eliseo chisels and molds a range of images from the religious to the abstract.

“Create to create” is my philosophy. I make art because I love to make art. This love is what feeds my creative muse and keeps my motivation and energy level high. While my adult works are vastly more complex than my childhood endeavors, I continue to create original works with passion and inspiration.

For me, the creative process is an adventure in inspiration and imagination. I work in a variety of mediums, including stone, cast bronze, painted steel, and copper. My specialty lies at the juncture of these forms and styles: stand-alone three-dimensional forms accented with a variety of bas-relief applications that I create using techniques that vary from representational to contemporary.

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