Viernes Video: Tough-talking Latino teen finds true friendship opens the door to new opportunities


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Mamitas, an award-winning indie film, is about two teens who become the unlikeliest of friends. Jordin is a cocky but charming guy who doesn’t see the need for school. At home he is a doting grandson who can’t seem to please his perpetually cranky father. On the day he’s suspended from school for insulting a teacher, Jordin meets Felipa, a bookish, no-nonsense New York girl who sees past the swaggering facade.

The two immediately embark on an unlikely friendship that causes Jordin to realize not only who he really is but what he can become.

Shot in Echo Park and against Los Angeles’ downtown skyline, this coming-of-age romance introduces two rising young actors — EJ Bonilla and Veronica Diaz-Carranza.