April 29, 2021

As the GOP continue their assault on Dems and Biden by trying to discredit his policies, Biden continues to dismantle the sad legacy of his predecessor: The DOJ rescinds a Trump-era policy that was used to retaliate against some cities; Biden did something that Trump, nor any other president has accomplished; Could a new blood test show how long our Covid vaccines willl be effective?; and One South American country is the global leader in software exports. Go beyond the headlines…

DOJ rescinds Trump-era ‘sanctuary cities’ policy

Exclusive data: Biden staffing makes history

Internships in Congress overwhelmingly go to white students

Schools Use Software That Blocks LGBTQ+ Content, But Not White Supremacists

New Blood Tests Should Show How Long A COVID-19 Vaccine Will Protect You

72% of all people live in countries with biocapacity deficits and below-average income

This Barack Obama adviser is quietly investing $250 million in startup founders of color

Autism can be detected with new smartphone app created by Duke scientists

Bolivia’s Lake of Plastic

Uruguay’s tech scene nears critical mass

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