August 10, 2021

Could the start of school for millions of students across the country be the tipping point for the GOP? Driven by irrational ideology and indescribable hero worship, the GOP is now facing their most dire political test: mandating no masks for students and penalizing school districts that defy them while incurring the wrath of most parents and potentially facing lawsuits if any deaths should occur resulting from this policy; Immigration wasn’t always a broken policy. It started with one law, under one president; Another good reason for exercising; and Argentina to host a very important summit. Go beyond the headlines…

What is ranked choice voting? A political scientist explains

The U.S. now has more job openings than any time in history

EXPLAINER: How do border policies affect US infection rates?

The law that broke US immigration

Lawsuit: Migrant teens in U.S. custody face “deplorable conditions” at Texas

Wildfire risk is growing everywhere, even as more Americans move into harm’s way

How exercise sparks the growth of blood vessels

Space Force among military and intelligence organizations in running to take over UFO investigations

New app helps nonprofits reach new influential audiences

Argentina plans to host Latin America climate summit next month

The promotion of the Maya language and culture continues in Mérida

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