August 10, 2023

It’s official now: GOP-driven policies and laws have made our country less safe, less healthy and less prosperous. It’s bad enough that the party has fallen victim to a charlatan passing himself off as the Great Wizard of Business & World Affairs of all time but the depth of their spiral because of corporate payoffs is staggering. In the process, we’re all suffering from it. It was bad enough that schools, malls, highways, bus and train stations are destinations most of us have to think about whether or not we, or our families, are going to be likely targets of gun violence but now a new destination has joined this sad list; Why is North Korea’s president preparing for war?; See a UFO? Want to call the Pentagon’s hotline to report it? Well, placing a call appears to be far more difficult than having anyone believe you these days; Talk about thinking outside the box. Netflix has done just that, or should I say, it’s revolutionizing said box! Go beyond the headlines…

Hospitals and clinics are now among America’s most dangerous workplaces

North Korean leader Kim dismisses top general, calls for war preparations

Here are the states with the most vacant houses

How are you supposed to start investing?

UFO reporting hotline is MIA

New VR ‘superhero therapy’ crushes chronic pain

Scientists Repeat Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough in a Step Toward More Clean Energy

Netflix releases free new app set to allow users to play games on their TV with their smartphones

US is sending FBI to Ecuador to help probe presidential candidate’s killing

Mexico maintains position as largest trade partner of the US

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