August 19, 2021

This second surge of Covid is scarier than the first since the vaccinated can easily transmit the disease as the unvaccinated. However, a new study reveals that the most vulnerable in our homes may be even a bigger player in Covid transmission; So, politicians have seen the Census data and some are strategizing (once again) how to reach Latino voters; Climate change just got really real for some Westeren states, who have been ordered to cut water usage for 2022; and Mexican women push government to declare in one region of the country a gender violence alert. Go beyond the headlines…

The House planning vote on bill that would undo many of the Court’s attacks on democracy

Babies and Toddlers Spread Virus in Homes More Easily Than Teens, Study Finds

As population grows, so does debate on how to reach Latino voters in ’22 midterms

Biden Issued A New Policy That Would Reshape How Asylum-Seekers Are Processed At The Border

Feds declare first Colorado River shortage, order water cuts for 2022

What the new vaccine data does and doesn’t tell us

Individual dietary choices can add – or take away – minutes, hours and years of life

FloodMapp wants to predict where water goes before it washes away your home

Gender violence alert issued for five municipalities in Chihuahua, Mexico

Cuba issues social media laws banning posts critical of government

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