August 2, 2021

When VP Harris unveiled her immigration plan addressing the “root causes” of Central American migration to the US, it was expected there would be pushback in DC. But it seems the countries responsible are the ones yelling the loudest; One news org got audio from a migrant shelter revealing sexual misconduct by staff against children; Male fertility is declining and the root cause shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone; and An investment platform for activists? Go beyond the headlines…

Harris ‘root causes’ (immigration) plan faces challenges

The Biden Administration Just Announced A New Push To Get Rid Of Punitive State Drug Laws

Audio from migrant shelter reveals allegations of sex misconduct by staff with minors

Advocates end work with US to pick asylum-seekers in Mexico

Credit card spending limits: Should you ask for an increase even if you don’t need it?

How Big Is Streaming Among Latinos? Study Shows 80% Subscribe To At Least One SVOD Service

Male fertility is declining – studies show that environmental toxins could be a reason

The push for a “PBS for the internet”

Model predicts 10-year burst of wildfire, then gradual decline

Activist investment platform gives a voice to push for positive change

Mexico’s avocado boom benefits rural farmers — but also organized crime

Costa Rica dropping insurance requirement for vaccinated travelers

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