August 23, 2022

Conservative extremists have overtaken our political system, from local school boards to Congress. Their influence is increasingly being felt with: the banning of books, restrictions on curriculum, zero tolerance abortion laws, calls of violence against federal law enforcement, the IRS, election workers, expansion of gun access and the list is seemingly endless. Maybe they thought they could get away with it because most voters aren’t paying attention or, worse, don’t care. They’re wrong. Two new polls show exactly how tired rational Americans are of these extremists and there is momentum brewing on taking back our country; The Ukraine invasion is 6 months long and Putin is desperate to show the world he’s still in charge of Russia and Ukraine’s destinies, and the US is issuing a warning to all Americans still in Ukraine to leave immediately; So, why did Trump take 300 classified documents when he left the White House in a huff? One thing we know for sure, it wasn’t for anything good or beneficial for the country; One guy takes DIY to the max with awesome results; and NASA discovered that there is sound in space and it’s haunting. Go beyond the headlines…

‘Threats to Democracy’ Overtake ‘Cost of Living’ as Voters’ Top Issue: Poll

State Department urges Americans to leave Ukraine; UN says world is at a moment of ‘maximum danger’

Trump held more than 300 classified documents after leaving White House: report

There’s a bipartisan bill to codify Roe — and abortion rights groups can’t stand it

AP-NORC Poll: Most in US want stricter gun laws

Fed up with poor broadband access, he started his own fiber internet service provider

NASA Has Captured ‘Actual Sound’ in Space and It’s Honestly Terrifying

New social media tools help the public assess viral posts

Changes brought by influx of foreigners in Oaxaca, Mexico a cause for concern: study

Project to Build Monkey Bridges in Costa Rica

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