August 24, 2021

The images of fleeing Afghans suffocatingly crowded into the bare cargo bays of military C-17s is heartbreaking enough, but what may be worse, is the reluctance of countries to accept these new and involuntary refugees. Yet, Afghanistan has one of the youngest populations and economists are saying it’s these young refugees who could provide a boon to struggling economies; Fannie Mae just made it easier for renters to become homeowners; Now, an easy DIY project shows us how to make our own efficient air filters; and Colombia’s indigenous have their own way of fighting Covid. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump-appointed judge clashes with Biden DOJ in immigration suit

The economic case for letting in as many refugees as possible

Fannie Mae Opens the Door for Renters to Become Homeowners

Airbnb says it plans to temporarily house 20,000 Afghan refugees

Nine women now serving as governors in US, tying a record

DIY Air Filters For Classrooms? Experts Are Enthusiastic — And A Citizen Scientist Makes It Easy

Planting Trees Encourages Cloud Formation—and Efficiently Cools the Planet

Gig Apps Are Thriving in a Pandemic Economy

Stargaze and spot Inca ruins on Bolivia’s remote island

Colombia’s indigenous Wayuu fight coronavirus with herbs, masks

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