August 8, 2022

The problem with taking an extremist view on any issue is that when trying to justify said view you can’t help but say something stupid. Case in point: Indiana just passed a near-total abortion ban and one GOP lawmaker celebrating his legislative win not only said something stupid but could prove to be a rallying cry for women of all political affiliations to take control of this unfolding narrative; Analysts showing that GOP, when talking about immigration, aren’t just referring to illegal immigration; New study shows where we live in the nation influences how we parent; A bartending robot that can actually offer a shoulder to cry on? Hmmm; And how did a Brazilian accused of deforesting a part of the Amazon just win a court case to get a biodiverse state part shut down? Go beyond the headlines…

A Republican Lawmaker Said “Not Her Body, Not Her Choice” Before Indiana Passed A Near-Total Abortion Ban

The Senate just passed one of the biggest bills to fight climate change, ever

When Republicans Talk About Immigration, They Don’t Just Mean Illegal Immigration

Latinos’ move away from Catholicism could reshape politics

Parenting styles vary across the US

Earth Pummeled by Solar Storms As More Sunspots Appear on Sun’s Surface

A bartending robot that can engage in personalized interactions with humans

A new app called Banish blocks those annoying ‘open in app’ banners

Young girls jailed after attempting to flee forced weddings in Guerrero

Brazilian who destroyed vast parts of Amazon forest wins demise of park

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