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Chris Christie

BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL - "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012," will air as a 90 minute-long ABC News special highlighting some of the year?s most prominent names in entertainment, sports, politics and popular culture.  This year?s special will air WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12 (9:30-11pm, ET) on the ABC Television Network, and will include outspoken New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  (Photo by Ida Mae astute/ABC via Getty Images)

Chris Christie


Age: 52

Birthright Citizenship: Favors excluding children of undocumented immigrants

Manmade Climate Change: Accepts it, no indication on what action is necessary

DREAM Act: Unknown, signed NJ version of DREAM Act
Voter ID: Supports
Obamacare: Repeal
Minimum Wage: Unknown


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