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Crowdfunder: Bringing early education to urban slums

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Campaign: IMPCT – Real Early Education in Urban Slums

Education isn’t a gimmick. It isn’t a technology. It isn’t a product. Education is children in a safe environment, being guided through the learning process by qualified teachers.

Education is a meal when you get to school to prime the brain for learning. Education is playing and socializing with other kids. To positively impact the lives of children, an early education approach must be holistic.

The only way to bridge the gap between the “developed” world and urban slums is with real education.

This is IMPCT’s mission. They want to build sustainable schools that are community-run but globally-owned.

The heart of their solution is a revolutionary platform that enables direct equity investments into urban slum schools.

How does it work?

1. Capable people are found to own and operate sustainable education businesses in urban slums and IMPCT’s unique platform lets anybody, anywhere invest in their success.
2. Schools are built with help from NGO partners to keep quality high and costs low.
3. Work with all their schools is on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet education and operation standards.
4. Investors receive a portion of the school’s profits to reinvest in more schools. The community keeps the rest to reinvest in themselves.

Twenty thousand dollars of the campaign’s goal of $25,000 will be used to to build a prototype school in El Salvador; $5,000 will go towards starting development of IMPCT’s unique microequity platform.

Today they’re starting with a single school, but this platform will allow them to build thousands more over the next five years with investments from people everywhere.

The campaign ends on May 8.

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