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Crowdfunder: Helping Latino actors break Hollywood’s status quo


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Campaign: Spanglish the Webseries


Spanglish is an interactive web series about Mariola, the anti-typical Hispanic woman, living in New York City. 

With Latinos becoming a larger and larger demographic in America, the creators of this web series think now's the perfect time to showcase a Latina character who is completely unlike the stereotypes currently prominent in film and television.

This series will give a comedic look at a life that so many Americans live but is so rarely represented

But it's not just a series!    They've also created fully interactive and animated educational games to go with each episode that will be housed on the series' official website. There, non-Spanish speakers can learn a few words and phrases (and, more importantly, have some fun and a few extra laughs). 

For the series to become a reality, the campaign's goal is $8450.

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