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Crowdfunder: A streaming network for seniors

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Campaign: for Seniors

The Golden Digital Network is a simple, easy-to-use entertainment service for seniors, families and caretakers to access a 24/7 network from their computer, smart phone, tablet or Internet TV.

Inspired by fans and friends from around the world, legendary Big Band singer Louise Tobin – at the age of 95 – along with her son, Harry James, Jr., and her long-time friend and producer, Michael Kubiak, found a way to make it easier for seniors to enjoy the entertainment that they grew up with.

Golden Digital Network is a one-stop resource where seniors can enjoy Top 40 hits by the original artists from 1930 – 1970, and other historic collections of classic radio shows and commercials, popular TV shows and videos, celebrity interviews, and even a store filled with music and memorabilia.

The goal is to raise $295,000 USD to fund the launch and the technology for the delivery systems, so the streaming cab begin for the entertainment service via the website, mobile applications and Internet TV within the first quarter of 2015.

The campaign ends December 9.

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