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Crowdfunder: Understanding the College Rape Crisis

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Campaign: Understanding the College Rape Crisis

Rape is the most pervasive violent crime on college campuses. It’s also the least prosecuted.

Survivors are boldly challenging ineffective policies, compelling media and policymakers to not just listen, but also act to overturn the status quo.

But are new laws and national discussion enough to improve the way sexual assault is treated on campus?

In the run-up to Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, journalist Mandy Van Deven would like to take readers with her as she explores how educators and anti-violence activists are coming up with new solutions to curtail sexual assault in the United States today.

She’s going to spend four months visiting geographically and demographically diverse American cities to learn how responses to sexual assault are changing.

She’ll interview students, school administrators, and sexual assault experts and advocates, and will engage in a multimedia, interactive dialogue along the way.

Campaign support will allow Van Deven to bring stories about how responses to sexual assault on campus have changed-and what still needs to be done.

The campaign’s goal is $10,000 and ends on Nov. 26.

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