December 15, 2020

We may have a new president but, unfortunately, it doesn’t change the fact that thousands of Latino families are facing the prospect of losing their homes. If Congress doesn’t deliver (enough) aid, it will be up to communities to take up the slack. As any Latino family knows, there may be family disagreements but at the end of the day we are familia!; The hardline anti-immigrant people in the Trump admin are still pushing false narratives and shelters are now pushing back; Is Puerto Rico’s statehood closer?; and New poll reveals the reasons why 80 million eligible voters didn’t cast a vote in 2020 presidential election. Go beyond the headlines…

The most lopsided economic event imaginable’: Wave of evictions threatens Black, Latino tenants

The Trump administration says the U.S. can’t house more migrant children. Shelter officials disagree.

Puerto Rico wants statehood – but only Congress can make it the 51st state in the United States

Report: Hispanic students have lower graduation rate, may be impacted by COVID slide more than peers

Obama-era program for immigrants faces new court challenge

Poll: Despite Record Turnout, 80 Million Americans Didn’t Vote. Here’s Why

China to open giant telescope to international scientists

We Just Had The Only Total Solar Eclipse of 2020, And The Photos Are Amazing

Smartphone device checks spit for Covid-19

New episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30 showcases Mexico’s Tarahumara and their feats of long-distance running

No pickers, no coffee: How Covid threatens Colombia’s harvest

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