December 2, 2019

The countdown to Christmas officially begins for many of us, as well as, Trump’s impeachment trial. Yet, our main focus this week should be on Madrid, the last-minute site for the international gathering for the Conference of Parties for the Convention on Climate Change or COP. With the US surrendering our global leadership role, and more dire research surfacing on climate change and its toll on humans — it’s estimated by Oxfam that 20 million people a year are forced to flee their homes by climate crisis — it is a pathetic retreat from global issues that have a bigger impact on the US than this administration and their deniers want to believe. It leaves only one thing of any of us to do – pick up the slack ourselves and start promoting conservation and a ‘green’ lifestyle.

In other news: In another stark example of how little empathy the Trump administration has for the other 99%, new administration rules will leave 3.7 million Americans without this; New study shows what happens when poor families are given money; Why are scientists racing against time in Puerto Rico to document this part of island history; and This Central American country is celebrating 71 years without an army. Go beyond the headlines…

US Customs officer of nearly two decades loses job, citizenship over unbeknownst birth certificate from Mexico: report

New Trump Administration Rules Could Cost 3.7 Million Americans Their Food Stamps — and nearly a million students their discounted or free school lunches

9th U.S. Circuit Takes Up Third-Country Asylum Rule

Researchers Find A Remarkable Ripple Effect When You Give Cash To Poor Families

Scientists race to document Puerto Rico’s coastal heritage

Christmas tree shopping is harder than ever, thanks to climate change and demographics

Too Much Sleep Increases Cognitive Decline in Latino Communities

A new Chinese app allows people to use facial verification on their friends and acquaintances

Costa Rica celebrates 71 years without an army

Mexican bead-working artisan, 83, wins national prize for her work

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