December 4, 2020

When history books chronicle the failure of the Trump presidency, one example will rise to the forefront: His abject failure to address the daily mounting American deaths from Covid while he solely focuses on overturning the election with bogus fraud claims. In the process, Trump and his administration ineptness have lead to an alarming scenario say economists; There’s a new citizenship test that underscores Trump’s admin disdain for immigrants; Could a new wave of Central American immigrants be on the way? Hint: It has nothing to do with Biden’s win; and Ecuador just made a huge discovery providing hope for conservations everywhere. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s hidden depression

Trump’s New Citizenship Test Is Full of Conservative Bias—And Dotted With Mistakes

More Evidence TV Doesn’t Reflect Real Life Diversity

New Report Finds 57% of Global Economy to Face Flooding Risk by 2040

‘We lost everything:’ Central Americans flee north after back-to-back hurricanes

Yale study finds COVID-19 afflicts Black, Hispanic children at higher rates

A child infected with HIV every 100 seconds, new UN report reveals

Great Barrier Reef outlook worsens to ‘critical’ as climate change named number one threat to world heritage sites

AI has cracked a problem that stumped biologists for 50 years. It’s a huge deal.

Device visualizes office environment from home

Foreign Investors Are Building a ‘Hong Kong of the Caribbean’ on a Remote Honduran Island

Ecuador finds nest of huge, endangered sea turtle

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