December 9, 2020

There’s an alarming thing happening at our southern border – an influx of unaccompanied child migrants. Some are termed “tender age.” That means they are younger than 12. What is happening to them when caught at the border? They’re funneled into detention centers where we learn Trump admin awarded contracts to companies with red flags in their care of children; Analysts discover why so many men stuck with Trump in 2020 election; Is high suicide rate during holidays a myth?; and Jalisco, Mexico’s education department garners a Guinness World Record. Go beyond the headlines…

Thousands of unaccompanied minors arrive at US-Mexico border as Border Patrol grapples with COVID-19 deaths

Trump administration awarded millions to companies with checkered records to care for migrant children

Fourteen U.S. Army leaders fired or suspended at Fort Hood

Why So Many Men Stuck With Trump In 2020

The FCC Is Allowing 5G Towers on Indigenous Land Without Tribal Consent

The holiday suicide myth

Mysteries of COVID Smell Loss Finally Yield Some Answers

Rare “Christmas Star” will appear for the first time since the Middle Ages

“Alarming” and “extraordinary” rate of change as the Arctic warms, NOAA report says

A new app — the IGENOMICS — makes pocket-size DNA analyzer

Jalisco’s Ministry of Education partners in world’s largest online math class, winning a Guinness record

Nemonte Nenquimo: The indigenous leader named ‘environmental hero’

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