February 28, 2020

If there is a person that personifies the rise of Latino discrimination in the country it’s former Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a.k.a. Trump supporter and buddy. Yet, a court just delivered a blow to Arpaio that even Trump can’t fix; The MLB just made history. Sad it took this long; US students are lagging the world when it comes to learning this subject and experts think the reason lies in the classroom; The talk these days is all about cord cutting and finding the right-priced streaming services. Yet, the bigger question should be: How much are you paying for your internet speed? Go beyond the headlines…

Court won’t let Trump pardon void guilty verdict against former Arizona sheriff Arpaio

ICE accused of targeting undocumented parents taking their kids to school: reports

U.S. students lag other countries in math. The reason likely lies in how schools teach it.

A record high: 1 in 10 eligible American voters are immigrants

MLB makes history by naming its first black and Latino-born umpire crew chiefs

What Internet Speeds Should You Really Be Paying For? Here’s How to Decide

Astronomy student discovers 17 new planets, including Earth-sized world

Take yourself out (of any video stream) with this new app

Activists in Buenos Aires call for ban on killer robots

A guerrilla-to-entrepreneur plan in Colombia leaves some new businesswomen isolated and at risk

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