February 28, 2022

The global consensus of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is universal condemnation. Media reports show how citizens of the world recognize the irrationality and brutality of the invasion, even within Russia. By virtue of enjoying membership in the global community, Putin could not shield the Russian people, especially GenZ to Boomers, from knowing the truth about his old-fashioned seizure of power. It is clear that in his delusional mind, Putin thought he could invade/oppress Ukraine and steadily advance his military goals. What he didn’t count on was that this is the 21st Century and people, who have had a taste of (semi) freedom and been a part of the world-at-large, will not accept being dragged back to a time in history that limited those same freedoms. Ironically, Putin made this move to solidify his ‘legacy’ in Russian history. Yet, regardless of the outcome, it is obvious that Russia will have to rid themselves of Putin if they ever want to rejoin the global community — and it may already be starting. Over the weekend, during an online climate science meeting, a Russian official apologized to Ukraine scientists on the invasion. Russian protesters are not deterred by fear of being arrested and more oligarchs, celebrities and athletes are speaking out against the war. Putin is getting desperate. Why else threaten the global community with nuclear weapons? Time will tell how long it takes, but Putin’s underestimation of how his actions would be received should be a lesson for all politicians who feel entitled at their country’s expense. Go beyond the headlines…

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