February 4, 2021

From recent polling, it seems those surveyed feel Biden’s honeymoon is already over. Unlike the GOP, who walk in lock-step with one another, Dems are united by only one goal: to help humanity in need. To what degree that is achieved depends on where a person falls on the Democratic meter. However, regardless, Latino businesses are pushing the White House to address something the Trump administration never took seriously; Biden admin has a new home for teen migrants; Drink your orange juice, or take Vitamin C, your gums will thank you; So, it seems the pandemic actually impacted the planet in ways scientists didn’t expect; and New exhibit lets visitors ‘chat’ with those who lived through history. Go beyond the headlines…

Black, Latino Businesses Pushing White House for Policy Agenda to Address Economic Disparities

Biden administration to house migrant teens at overflow facility in Texas closed under Trump

Biden gives Navajo Nation a disaster declaration over COVID-19

More Vitamin C may ease bleeding gums

To defuse political violence across US, conflict mediators apply lessons from gang disputes and foreign elections

Study: Pandemic’s cleaner air added heat to warming planet

Study links brain cells to depression

Exhibition Lets Visitors ‘Chat’ With a WWII Veteran Who Liberated Nazi Camp

Mexican breeders create new type of donkey that is bigger, stronger for sports and recreation

Popular Argentina beaches covered in sea foam

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