February 5, 2021

While the story in DC remains the same: Biden administration continues to undo the damage left in the wake of Trump’s departure, there is other news that deserves our attention: Researchers have traced how climate change may have had a key role in the pandemic; Newborns born in the US were deported anyway; The students who are helped the most by free community college programs; The Selena podcast; A new app that lets local police alert teachers when their students experience trauma off campus; and New online platform giving mom-and-pop businesses a chance to compete with Amazon. Go beyond the headlines…

Revealed: US citizen newborns sent to Mexico under Trump-era border ban

Climate change may have had ‘key role’ in pandemic: study

GOP senator warns his party must decide between ‘conservatism and madness’

Immigrants in sanctuary in churches hope Biden offers relief

Alejandro Mayorkas fought for refugees and Dreamers. Can he undo four years of Trump immigration policies?

Podcast: Why we believe what isn’t true

These are the students free community college programs help the most

The Podcast ‘Anything For Selena’ Tells A Story Larger Than The Artist’s Life

ER tool flags teens at high risk for suicide

Under the sea, humans have changed ocean sounds

New online platform ‘Nearby’ wants to help small businesses compete with Amazon

New App Alerts Teachers When Students Experience Trauma Off Campus

Murder, torture and abuse: Mexico’s rights commission covers up crimes against migrants

How Argentina helped open Latin America for the Russian vaccine

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