February 8, 2022

Ever since the results of the US Census was made public, GOP-dominant statehouses have been determined to use their numbers to (literally) redraw electoral maps in their (of course) favor. Most fair-minded people can see through this brazen ploy to elevate their political power and diminish the voting influence of voters of color. And yet, the Supreme Court isn’t concerned. In fact, they just gave the green light, albeit temporarily, to one GOP state to discriminate away. What does this say about our Supreme Court? Is this an example of true impartiality and adhering to our Constitution and the Rule of Law and the basic sense of Decency and Justice for All? If anything, it’s an argument that underscores why it’s necessary to have a balanced court. Is it time to add to this current crop of justices?; In the meantime: Some groups are exploiting the gullibility and making fun of US Spanish-speakers by feeding them misinformation – and succeeding; Chemists just made a radical discovery that could be a game-changer for the environment; and Guess which countries have the highest percentage of ICE detainers. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. Supreme Court lets Alabama use electoral map faulted for racial bias

The Spanish-language misinformation crisis

Why Biden wants more U.S. students to become butchers

Report: Corporate climate pledges are weaker than they seem

The ‘Chulita Vinyl Club’ preserves Latino culture via music

Chemists develop radical way to make it easier, more profitable to recycle plastic

Researchers Now Know Where the Ancient Maya Planted Their Sacred Cacao Groves

Assistant app may improve memory for people with dementia

Mexico and Northern Triangle Have Highest Percentage of ICE Detainers

ImillaSkate: an indigenous Bolivian skateboard collective – photo essay

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