January 22, 2021

True to word, the Biden administration hit the ground running righting the wrongs of the former administration. Biden seems to be working 24-hour shifts with news coming overnight of a new food relief order; Biden put a halt to the border wall and is proposing a bill that would provide more protections for child migrants. So, why are the GOP against those protections?; Do we have to pay taxes on our stimulus checks?; Will many of us become climate refugees?; and An “extreme anomaly” has Venezuelan doctors on high alert after two infants infected with Covid-19 die. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden prepares executive orders aimed at combating hunger, protecting workers

Biden halts border wall building after Trump’s final surge

It Will Be Tough For Biden To Reverse Trump’s Legacy Of A Whiter, More Conservative Judiciary

Biden’s bold immigration overhaul may face a Republican wall in Congress

Stimulus checks and taxes: What you need to know before filing your 2020 income tax returns

Biden immigration bill would provide more protections for child migrants

Roughly a quarter of all U.S. households are behind on rent

Americans Are Moving To Escape Climate Impacts. Towns Expect More To Come

Scientists solve a 100-year-old mystery about cancer

Bodyguard, a mobile app that hides toxic content on social platforms

Scholar’s mission: help modern readers discover a Mayan creation story

Extreme Anomaly Cited as Infants Die in Venezuela from COVID-19

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