January 23, 2020

Ever since the world learned of the heinous separation of migrant parents from their children happening courtesy of the Trump administration, most people felt a sense of overwhelming sadness, outrage and helplessness. Bless the lawyers who stepped up to help reunite some of these parents, who recently were able to hug their children for the first time in over a year; Why is a Latina author’s new novel causing such controversy – among Latinos?; Who’s ready to vote by internet? and Mexico’s latest news site takes ‘viral news’ to a whole new level. Go beyond the headlines…

Migrant parents separated from kids since 2018 return to US

Administration to add Brazilians to asylum-seekers required to wait in Mexico: report

Where are the Hispanic executives?

A white Latina author’s new novel about the border unleashes fierce debate, criticism

Wonder if your home is at risk of flooding? Now, you can know.

Earth’s oldest known meteor crash site found in Australian Outback

Higher Income, Hispanic Adults and Women Are More Likely to Use Fitness Trackers, Per Pew Survey

Internet voting takes flight

Mexico’s Pictoline brings new approach to making the news go viral

New Guatemalan government won’t cancel U.S. asylum deal

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