January 9, 2023

Over the weekend, Brazil witnessed their own version of the US Jan. 6 insurrection. Ironic, how most Americans weren’t that horrified to see the upheaval, destruction and invasion of Brazil’s seat of government. After all, it’s South America. A bias many Americans have when political breaches happen in other countries considered ‘third-world.’ However, it may not be long before we’re considered the same given the GOP reign over the House of Representatives and the numerous plans underway for retaliation of the investigations into the truth. Though respect for the Supreme Court has been irreparably damaged, they have 7 cases before them, one of which will either deepen that damage or begin the repair; Something is happening in public schools and it’s not about gun violence; Scientists verified a suspicion between ancient cities and the Cosmos; and Climate change is worsening. There’s an app to help us all do our part. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden faces pleas for help on migrant crisis as he visits El Paso in first trip to border

Ukraine bolsters defences in east as Russia sends waves of attacks

Immigration, attorney-client privilege: The next 7 cases before the Supreme Court

America’s public schools are losing students

RSV recedes and flu peaks as a new COVID variant shoots ‘up like a rocket’

Scientists Discovered These Ancient Cities Have a Secret Link to the Cosmos

New guidelines for treating childhood obesity include medications and surgery for first time

New app offers tangible ways to lower your carbon footprint

Acancéh’s ancient Maya treasures are hiding in plain sight

World leaders condemn Brazil violence as US lawmakers call for Bolsonaro extradition

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