July 11, 2023

The world is getting heavier. Heavy with global unrest, extreme climate — and humans! Today is World Population Day and the number of humans on the planet directly correlates with the changes we see in today’s world. How can there not be a correlation? It’s time we either start to change our future or accept a preventable destiny; Why are Republicans creating havoc among the Marines? Aren’t they supposed to be the party of the most military support? That was obviously yesterday’s Republican; Scientists raise the alarm over the unprecedented amount of deaths among this iconic California coast sea animal; Researchers found who among us are more likely to hold antisemitic views; and Being disabled is hard enough but trying to navigate a city or building built with only an afterthought to people with disabilities makes it worse. Now, there’s an app to help with that headache. Go beyond the headlines…

Scientists advance their case for defining a new chapter in Earth’s history

World Population Day 2023: Top ten most populated countries — who heads the list

Republican’s hold on nominations leaves Marines without confirmed leader for 1st time in 100 years

Student loans: Looming payments put spotlight on ‘real danger’ for borrowers

Sea lions are sick and dying along Southern California’s coast. Here’s what to know

Potentially Habitable Worlds’ 100x More Common In Our Galaxy Than We Thought, Study Suggests

Study reveals people most likely to hold antisemitic views

New app Ahoi makes cities more accessible to people with disabilities

Hate Speech on the Rise in Costa Rica, UN Warns

It’s pillage’: thirsty Uruguayans blast Google’s plan to exploit water supply

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