July 19, 2022

It may be hurricane season but the ‘perfect storm’ that’s on the horizon has less to do with weather and more how each of us ‘weathers’ shrinking finances; Former friends and followers of Trump warn that any indictment of him will lead to extreme violence by his supporters. Yet, at the same time, these same alarmists doubt Trump will ever be brought to justice. If they’re proven to be true, what does that say about our judicial system?; The Mars Rover just made a discovery on the red planet that has scientists scratching their heads; and Every year, thousands of beluga whales migrate from from the Arctic. Now, scientists found a way for us all to watch the amazing undersea march. Go beyond the headlines…

Wall Street braces for economic `hurricane’

Inflation is providing cover for price fixing: economists

Jan. 6 panel plans more hearings and multiple reports

Why Renters Should Be Paying Attention to U.S. Housing Market

‘Miss Frijoles’ attack roils Latino-heavy congressional race in Texas

String Theory: NASA Rover Discovers Strange Tangled Object on Mars

Underwater Webcams Let’s Us Watch Thousands of Beluga Whales Migrate From the Arctic

NGL: the app that lets you share anonymous thoughts with mutuals

Water situation is critical in 4 Mexican states 

Bolivia to produce toothpaste made of coca leaves

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