July 23, 2020

One, among several, of the darkest chapters of this administration will forever be its handling of migrant families. Now, an appalling story, as reported by the Associated Press, reveals that children as young as 1-year-old were held in hotels before being deported; The House passes bill to block Trump’s bans on refugees and asylum, but is that enough?; New archeological discovery in a Mexican cave has experts rewriting the historical timeline; and a group of Latino tech entrepreneurs create an app that improves communication channels between communities and city services. Go beyond the headlines…

House passes bill blocking Trump’s sweeping refugee, asylum bans

It’s Long Past Time We Recognized All the Latinos Killed at the Hands of Police

AP Exclusive: Migrant kids held in US hotels, then expelled

Major Hispanic group launches support of ‘milestone’ Latina candidates

Before COVID-19, many Latinos worried about their place in America and had experienced discrimination

Discovery in Mexican Cave May Drastically Change the Known Timeline of Humans’ Arrival to the Americas

Congress passes most significant conservation legislation in 50 years

The Latino Entrepreneurs Whose App For Urban Services Just Raised $1.2 Million

Beekeeping boosts Spain’s rural development and youth employment amid Covid crisis

COVID-19 in Colombia: Bogota begins denying critical care to elderly

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