July 24, 2023

Maybe a new study will show that companies, as usual, are shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to productivity, worker retention and morale boosting strategies all while reducing their carbon footprint. A new study unveils (though workers knew this all along) that workers’ output is actually better, in all respects, when allowed to work remotely. The move across Corporate America to require workers to return to the office is facing some resistance and with good reason. For once, the worker-employee relationship is a win-win for both sides. Unfortunately, bureaucratic micro managers is insisting that workers pay 1/3 of their salaries to childcare, jump into the car or on public transportation for long commutes that only add to the worsening climate change crisis on the planet. As usual, Corporate America ignores the wishes of their employees and in the process may be hurting themselves worse in the process; Thousands took to the streets of the major cities in Israel over the weekend protesting their president’s attempt to start dismantling their democracy. Is Israel the canary in the global mine?; Have you seen the “Barbie” movie yet? Maybe you even bought a Barbie, for that special little girl in your life, of course, to celebrate. Well, now there’s a new line of Latina dolls celebrating all the mania; and It used to be violence driving migration from Honduras but analysts say a new type of threat is driving people from their homes. The scary thing is that it could happen to all of us. Go beyond the headlines…

Remote employees work longer and harder, studies show

Israel judicial crisis live: Talks ‘collapse’ as parliament votes

Biden will establish a national monument honoring Emmett Till, the Black teen lynched in Mississippi

OpenAI’s Sam Altman launches Worldcoin crypto project

New line of Latina dolls to hit stores amid “Barbie” mania

Gene therapy eyedrops restored a boy’s sight. Similar treatments could help millions

Uprooted: How climate change is reshaping migration from Honduras

New app modernizes hunting, fishing licensing

UN urges Mexico to protect activists searching for disappeared persons

Brazil’s Embraer plans to build electric flying taxi factory near Sao Paulo

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