July 26, 2022

Horror stories of ordinary women suddenly faced with extraordinary decisions on what to do about fetuses found to be so fatally flawed that continuing pregnancy means death for either mother or child or both are emerging and highlighting the flawed decision of overturning Roe v. Wade. This is a stark example of the harm ideology causes when mixed with law and blanket applied to everyone. It is a sad dereliction of duty from our highest court in the nation too. Why hasn’t the Biden admin done anything about Remain in Mexico after winning the case in the courts?; California’s Gavin Newsom is leading the charge to make the Supreme Court ‘eat’ their rulings; Forest fires are raging across the nation. The government plans a massive project to ‘save’ the forests; The NFL just did something most of us thought they already were doing; and Cuba passed a law that just opened a surprising door for the Communist island. Go beyond the headlines…

Here’s where abortions are now banned or strictly limited, and where they may be soon

Biden goes silent after SCOTUS gives him power to nix Trump immigration policy

What causes inflation — and what you can do about it

Gavin Newsom’s plan to save the Constitution by trolling the Supreme Court

Where Latino Members of Congress Stand on Abortion Rights

US to plant 1 billion trees as climate change kills forests

AI scours brain patterns to spot mental illness patterns

NFL launches subscription streaming service

In Mexico’s ‘prison city’ a humanitarian crisis is underway but a solution is not a priority

Cuba approves law change that opens door to gay marriage, other family rights

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