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July 28, 2020

Coronavirus cases keep rising and the GOP keeps pushing for life to get back to pre-pandemic levels. However, the only way we can do that is for an effective vaccine. Today is the start of the biggest COVID-19 study to find what works; The House just passed legislation that could have a positive impact on Latino history for generations to come; What could unite conservationists and politicians? Maybe this disturbing discovery in the waters of the Galápagos Islands. Go beyond the headlines…

World’s biggest COVID-19 vaccine study begins, a US trial that will include 30,000 people to see if shots really work

House passes legislation to create Smithsonian Latino museum

U.N. To Install Asylum-Seekers’ Housing In Mexico

The Trump Administration Said It’s Not Expelling A Group Of Immigrant Children Held In A Hotel

Celebrating cultural diversity through emojis and stickers

NASA will soon try to fly a helicopter over Mars: “It really is like the Wright brothers’ moment”

Inside Space Force: Here’s what the new agency does

Digital platform organizes a younger generation of climate activists

Alarm over discovery of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels near Galápagos Islands

Ancient, Underground Culinary Technique Survives in Ecuador’s Andes Region

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