June 19, 2023

“Silent killer.” It’s a term used to refer to those elements that can’t be easily seen, heard, tasted or even consciously felt until it is too late. There are many silent killers that exist in our lives but one has the distinction of being a silent killer that is easily seen — poverty. New research reveals how poverty is killing a staggering amount of people in the US every year. Yet, for those of us who aren’t experiencing it, we see it but it doesn’t register as a life-threatening issue. But it sure does to those for whom it’s happening to. The bigger question for all of us is what do we do to stop it for those who have no mental illness but find themselves at the mercy of a fickle economy; Affirmative Action was a positive force that helped many people of color attain opportunities that in our dark past were given mostly to whites. Then the tables turned and those (whites) who felt they were undeservedly bypassed to give others, and in their eyes, less deserving, an opportunity, got angrier, more indignant and retaliatory. So now, it’s reached the point where the term has been coopted to ensure its demise; As if it wasn’t enough that ‘super cells’ are now used to describe thunderstorms, scientists are warning of more destruction and how it’s starting in the Arctic Ocean; and Ever wish you had something that could transcribe your voice notes? Well, yes, there’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

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