June 2, 2020

Trump and his WH allies finally achieved their long-held dream — the threat of the start of the creation of a militarized country. Talk is getting louder that the 2020 election will not be conducted fairly nor will Trump, if he loses, give up his position easily. The remedy: Vote but it’s time to kick out the GOP from US politics. Remaining members, with the exception of very few, are complicit in protecting, promoting and perpetuating the lies Trump tells to not just Americans, but the world. It’s time to vote the GOP into the annals of history because we all deserve much better. Support us by checking out today’s interesting headlines that we are highlighting to keep us all informed and above the ignorant. Go beyond the headlines…

Dozens Of Immigrant Families Who Were Separated At The Border Likely Shouldn’t Have Been, An Internal Report Found

Dreamers grapple with immigration risks in joining Floyd protests

Coronavirus-related debt will live in digital profiles for years – hurting Americans’ ability to get jobs, apartments and credit

Amid racial unrest, a test at the polls

What is antifa? A look at the movement Trump is blaming for violence at protests

Latino comic book pays tribute to the real superheroes—essential workers

To feel better, replace sitting with sleep or light activity

New app offers virtual pilgrimage to Greek monasteries

In Chipilo, Mexico descendants of Italian settlers have kept their traditions alive

Who killed Berta Cáceres? Behind the brutal murder of a Honduran environment crusader

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