June 21, 2023

How much money does it take to live in the US? That question sounds like the start of a bad joke and many might argue that the answer is a joke itself. Yet, the grim reality is that, aside from inflation, it takes more money to just have a basic quality of life and perhaps, there is no longer an ‘average’ American income anymore; The rollback of abortion rights is endangering the lives of countless women who are needing abortions to survive. But since so many states have now outlawed any abortion treatment, it’s far harder for women to find safe, clean abortion providers. For many women, the quest to find a provider is miles away from where they live. One professor mapped out just how far women have to travel to find the service they need; Oh, you say the US power grid isn’t ready for climate change? Duh!; Domino’s pizza app just got way better. Go beyond the headlines…

An ‘average’ American income may no longer cut it

The world’s largest democracy is collapsing before our eyes

How many miles do you have to travel to get abortion care? One professor maps it

Struggling With Credit Card Debt? So Are Millions of Americans

The U.S. power grid isn’t ready for climate change

Researchers chart large rise in eating disorders and self-harm among teenage girls

Men At Higher Risk Of Overdose Deaths Than Women In The US

Domino’s app has a new feature that will deliver pizza to places without an address

A new volcano near Mexico City? Scientists say yes, but not so fast

‘Monstrous murder’: 41 women killed in Honduras prison riot

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