June 29, 2022

The fact that Trump and his cronies are thugs is not new news but to hear that they’re actively trying to influence current witnesses going before the Jan. 6 Committee highlights the desperation they’re feeling of being discovered that their actions were not just illegal but traitorous; Another Supreme Court ruling illustrates, for many, the wrong direction the country is taking. In other words, we ask: Is Conservative Justice only for one group and the hell with the rest of the people? (Sigh) It continues to look like that; Just the mere mention of the pandemic morphing into new fall variants that need additional boosters makes eyes roll but scientists warn that the global melting of glaciers may unleash something we won’t be able to roll our eyes at; Abortion is not just a divisive issue but a generational one too, especially among Latinos; Want to make a change in your lifestyle? Try these ten small changes that could make a big difference. Go beyond the headlines…

How the Jan. 6 panel’s star witness drew a roadmap for Trump’s culpability

The Supreme Court just handed down very bad news for Black voters

Zelensky calls on UN to declare Russia a terrorist state expel it

A global look at mass deaths of trafficked migrants

Latinos split on abortion by generation

Bacteria species found in glacial ice could pose disease risk as glaciers melt from global warming

Ten Small Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health

New language learning app aims to mimic human tutor

Gun battles at sea: Cuba says it was in shootouts with boats heading to pick up migrants

‘Cartel war map’ shows further incursion by Jalisco cartel into Guanajuato

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