March 10, 2022

Russia continues its deadly bombardment of Ukraine, disregarding civilian safety – purposely. Ukraine’s President Zelensky is calling it genocide and US intel warn that Putin may use chemical weapons against the people of Ukraine. We should all be asking: When does it become a war for all countries and not just Ukraine’s battle? On the home battlefront, more registered GOP foot soldiers are dismantling our democracy: GOPers have sufficiently intimidated local election officials into considering quitting before the 2024 presidential election, just to avoid death threats by GOPers; the GOPer Florida legislature just approved the creation of a special police unit that – get ready – to investigate voter fraud; and Texas, after passing new voting laws said to ensure safety of the vote, actually flagged over 27,000 Texas mail ballots for rejection. The GOPers are on a tear; and Latino men are leading a sad statistic when the nation’s average is on the decline. Go beyond the headlines…

Zelensky: Russia’s deadly hospital bombing proof of genocide

The letter Z is becoming a symbol of Russia’s war in Ukraine. But what does it mean?

1 out of 5 local election officials say they could quit before 2024 presidential election, new report finds

Florida Legislature approves creation of police force to investigate voter fraud

Texas flagged 27,000 mail ballots for rejection in primary

More Latino men are dying by suicide even as national rate declines

Girls more likely to attribute failure to lack of talent: study

Substack launches an iOS app for reading newsletters

75,000 march in Mexico City in annual protest against gender violence

Guatemalan Congress enacts severe abortion penalties on International Women’s Day

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