March 12, 2021

Since an adult reentered the White House, every day has been a revelation of how truly bad things were with Trump at the helm. Unfortunately, though he’s gone, his devout politicians are continuing his disservice to the country. Can’t be any clearer than a new study showing what happened in GOP-governor states with Covid and deaths; Biden is on a path to correct one of Trump’s more egregious legacies when it come to our judicial system; No getting around that we are a mobile society and that includes peoples’ main communication device. Yet, there are 4 ways to track down those elusive cell phone numbers; Too late for N. California’s kelp forests; and Archeologists found the remains of a bad-ass Bronze Age Spanish ruler. SHE was powerful. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden has options for the border. They’re just politically painful.

CDC study shows gender, racial gaps in COVID cases among young people

Biden Is Vetting BIPOC Judicial Nominees After Trump Filled The Courts With Mostly White Men

States with Republican governors had highest Covid incidence and death rates, study finds

The U.S. Has A Long-Standing History Of Vilifying Minority Groups During Times Of Crisis

Asian And Latino Communities Face An “Unlevel Playing Field” For Pandemic Recovery

4 ways to find anyone’s cellphone number online

Satellite Imagery Shows Northern California Kelp Forests Have Collapsed

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Mission Honors Navajo Language

Faster-Than-Light Travel Is Possible Within Einstein’s Physics, Astrophysicist Shows

It’s not just a social media problem – how search engines spread misinformation

Washington native creates new app just for young adults

‘Powerful, maybe even frightening’ woman with diadem may have ruled in Bronze Age Spain

40% of Mexico’s police are not officially certified and shouldn’t be working

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