March 17, 2022

Putin’s continued forced atrocities he’s inflicting on Ukrainians only validates President Biden’s frank response in calling Putin a “war criminal,” as the bombing of a theater sheltering children further solidifies the World View of Putin going forward; GOPers across the nation have said changes to voting habits are in the name of added security but a new AP analysis of Texas’ new voting laws lay bare that lie; The Federal Reserve told the nation to expect higher interest rates. How does that affect us in our everyday lives?; Crypto is emerging as a life-saving currency for Ukrainians and President Zelensky just did something that the US and other countries are doing as well; and Teens battling depression now have help with a new app. Go beyond the headlines…

Russia bombs theater where hundreds sought shelter and ‘children’ was written on grounds

Exclusive: ICE Detains Ukrainians Seeking U.S. Asylum Amid Refugee Crisis

Texas threw out mail votes at abnormally high rate during nation’s first primary of 2022, according to new AP analysis

Biden officials fear “mass migration event” if COVID policies end

How higher interest rates will affect Americans’ finances

US fires have become 4 times larger, 3 times more frequent since 2000

Zelensky signs bill legalizing crypto industry in Ukraine

New app to help teens battling loneliness

Artists in Mexico City are trying to preserve the capital city’s rich soundscape

Brazil was alleged intended recipient of US couple’s nuclear submarine secrets

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