March 3, 2021

Texas Governor Greg Abbot declared that the Lone Star State will reopen for business next week. Doesn’t matter that the state holds the worst vaccination record among any state in the nation, or that the state is home to most of the COVID-19 hotspots in the country. No. What matters is Abbot is tired of being in the proverbial hot seat for his handling of the massive state power failure. So, what better way to deflect bad publicity than to deliver something people all over the world are waiting for their own leaders to do. Yet, if more people die because of these lifted restrictions, Abbot will find himself facing far worse public opinion because this would be a disaster of his own making. In the meantime: Educators are worried over the “precipitous drop” in Latino college students; Guess the most polarizing issue facing Americans; Why would the Supreme Court uphold restrictive voting laws?; Can your vocabulary reveal your politics?; and Mexican group dedicated to saving whales takes their annual fundraiser online. Go beyond the headlines…

“Precipitous Drop” in Latino Students in College

Poll: Immigration is America’s most-polarizing issue

Vaccinating by age groups is unfair, particularly to minorities, advisory panel tells CDC

Supreme Court Seems Ready To Uphold Restrictive Voting Laws

FBI chief warns violent ‘domestic terrorism’ growing in US

Can the words you use reveal your politics?

Plant Clock Could Be the Key to Producing More Food for the World

Smithsonian Programs Streaming in March

Panama’s economy registers historic decline due to pandemic

Mexican marine protection fundraiser takes its annual concert virtual this year

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