March 9, 2022

We may not have missiles raining down on us but the GOP is assaulting our democracy. Why? Because, like Putin, they crave power and dominance. Their latest assault is described as “an earthquake in American electoral power.” Yet, none of us are doing anything to prevent it; Got the sniffles? Know if it’s anything more. Now, we can order more free Covid tests online; Japanese researchers are studying a bizarre find – a ‘mermaid;’ and Though Mexico has refused to join the global sanction war on Russia, one couple who were grateful to be evacuated from Ukraine and flown to Mexico have no plans to stay in the popular Spring Break destination for one reason. Go beyond the headlines…

A world in crisis

GOP pushes for an ‘earthquake in American electoral power’

Support for democracy is waning across the Americas

Are Latino Voters Actually Fleeing the Democratic Party?

Time’s Women of the Year 2022

People in the U.S. can now order 4 more free Covid tests online

Bizarre, Tiny ‘Mermaid’ Found in Japan Appears To Be Half-Monkey, Half-Fish

A-Rod Backs New App That’s a ‘Stock Market’ for Fans of Athletes

After fleeing war in Ukraine to Mexico, couple say Mexico not an attractive option

Guatemala Volcano of Fire eruption prompts evacuations

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