May 26, 2022

More details emerging about the horrific Uvalde massacre illustrate how unimaginably deadly are assault weapons, the kind the shooter legally bought in the days before he went on his rampage. Even though rational people agree assault weapons don’t belong among the non-military, we have a Republican Party, as loyal to the NRA as they are to Trump, that they refuse to even vote on passing red-flag laws or anything else that could bring a measure of safety, peace of mind and control to this chaotic distortion that 2nd Amendment rights are under assault. No, GOP, it’s the people who are under assault and your party is to blame; A student-led gun control group is planning nationwide protests and a march on DC; So, what’s the purpose of the Oklahoma governor signing the nation’s strictest abortion law when Oklahoma remains in the bottom 10 for child well-being. The hypocrisy stinks; Drinking water supplies are under threat around the world but scientists have created a way to pull drinking water out of dry air; and Archeologists using laser technology make new discoveries in Bolivia. Go beyond the headlines…

Remembering the victims of the Texas school shooting

Student-led gun control group planning nationwide protests, march on DC

Ukraine warns of multi-year food crisis; Zelenskyy says situation in Donbas ‘very difficult’

Oklahoma governor signs the nation’s strictest abortion ban

Academic publication shows new details of Oregon’s Hispanic origins

Physicists predict Earth will become a chaotic world, with dire consequence

Gel grabs drinking water right out of dry air

A new app ‘Lalo’ is helping people to remember loved ones who passed away

‘Under the Boot:’ NGOs document human rights abuses by Mexican security forces against migrants

Archaeologists reveal pre-Hispanic cities in Bolivia with laser technology

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