November 12, 2021

Whether it’s a GOP Rep. creating a violent meme depicting him killing a Dem colleague or GOP politicians threatening their fellow party members who voted for Biden’s infrastructure bill, it’s clear the GOP has evolved into an ‘unpleasant’ political faction — and as one media outlet discovers an unscrupulous group intent on dominating the political future of the nation; Why do a large minority of Hispanic voters support Trump populism; One expert shares how we all can get proactive about climate change rather than feeling helpless; and Guess which city won the Guinness record for internet connectivity. Hint: None in the US. Go beyond the headlines…

These maps show how Republicans are blatantly rigging elections

World gets tough on the unvaccinated

A large minority of Hispanic voters support Trump populism

Texas abortion law complicates San Antonio group’s mission to help undocumented immigrants — even those raped en route to the U.S.

Record number of immigrants funneled into alternative detention programs

These researchers are trying to stop misinformation from derailing climate progress

A 300-Million-Year-Old Fossil Discovered in Utah Could Be a New Species

7 ways to get proactive about climate change instead of feeling helpless: Lessons from a leadership expert

Augmented reality project brings Olympics birthplace to life

World’s First AI-Powered Wine Robo Advisor

Costa Rican project supports chefs and local food producers

Mexico City wins Guinness record for internet connectivity

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